Why should I take my business global:

Remember, necessity is the mother of invention; so creating uncertainty is necessary for your growth. And if you’re not growing, well, you’re dying. So don’t rest on your laurels, it’s time to grow with international trade Certificates, in this much smaller and highly connected world. Reaching your global consumer has never been so easy. There’s really no excuse!

Domestic vs International Market

If you’re just starting out, streamline your sales process and make sure it’s consistently repeatable by anyone in your organization (not just you). After that, it’s time to scale globally. If your sales process is efficient but the figures are lacking you should still consider going global. Sometimes when a product isn’t favorable in one market (i.e. your domestic market) it could be the next best thing in another market, so go global now.

Here are five easy steps to grow globally:
1. Ready: Get Your Business Ready
2. Steady: Do Market(s) Research (Find Customers + Visit Markets)
3. Go – Small Steps: Build Trust + Start Small + Proof of Concept
4. Go – Big Style: Build Scale + Efficiencies + Systems for Control
5. Go – Even More: Find more products for your customers (innovate + connect)

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