Trade Tariff Tools:

Simplifying Your
Trade Journey

Optimise your international trade process with Trade
Tariff Tools. Pre-classify products for efficient customs
clearance, provide customers with upfront estimates of
duties and taxes at checkout, and screen customers for
potential restrictions before shipping goods.


Product Pre-Classification (PPC)

Streamline your international trading process with Trade Tariff Tools’ Product Pre-Classification. Quickly clear customs and obtain precise duty and tax estimates by classifying goods using Harmonised System (HS) and destination-specific Fully Qualified (FQ) codes.

Estimated Duties & Taxes (EDT)

Mitigate buyer’s remorse and reduce the likelihood of returns by offering estimated duties and taxes at checkout. This provides full transparency into the landed cost (DDP – Delivery and Duty Paid) of a transaction, empowering customers to make informed purchase decisions and minimising post-purchase surprises.

Restricted Party Screening (RPS)

Avoid costly customs complications by using Trade Tariff Tools. Verify customer eligibility before shipping using our party screening tool which helps you proactively identify and address any restrictions. This provides you with peace of mind and prevents potential fines and reputational damage associated with customs clearance issues.