eXTRA Trading Tools

Combining the Power of Essential Trade Processing Tools

Combining CRM + Stock Control + Trading Docs

From Customers to Stock Control to Invoices to Certificates, it’s all here in one place.

CRM for Customers

Knowing your customer and keeping track of their ever changing needs is key to quality trading and that’s what a CRM delivers.

Stock Control + BoM

Knowing your stock levels and the materials use to build an item (Bill of Material – BoM), gives you total control over sales + supplies.

Trading Docs

Underpinning the customer (CRM) and stock needs of a trade is the accompanying trading docs, from quotes to invoices to shipping.


Goods going/coming from overseas as part of a trade? No problem, get your compliance Certificates from here to support the trade.

Powerful Trading Tools Combined

Our CRM + Stock Control + BoM + Trading Docs Meets Your Growing Trading Needs

Customer Relationship

Why do I need a Customer or CRM system?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to keep track of connections and engagement with your customers, which is vital when trading and meeting your customers’ needs, so we integrated a CRM right into EdgeXtra.

What about my existing CRM?

No probs, we can help with migration or just connect to yours.

Stock Control + BoM

Why do I need a Stock Control system?

Keeping tabs on stock is import to efficiently satisfy customer demands and under-stock and over-stock impacts cash flow (the life-blood of a business). It’s vital too to know the Bill of Materials (BoM) required to build products to order. All this is in EdgeXtra.

Origin Analysis?

Yep, avoid paying consultants, by using our Origin Analyzer.

Trade Documents

Why do I need a Trading Docs generator?

Instead of bouncing around various CRM, Stock and accounting applications to build your trading docs, just use EdgeXtra’s seamless integration to generate quotes to invoices to certificates to shipping docs and much more, right here, right now.


Nope, it all happens like magic: CRM, Stock + Docs work in harmony.