Using the correct tools for international tariff compliance requirements is critical to making sure that your goods are consigned efficiently overseas. This 9-step blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to:

  • Install the EdgeCTP app into your Shopify store from the Shopify App Marketplace
  • Use the international tariff tools, found within the installed EdgeCTP app, to assist you + your clients with global orders compliance, right from within Shopify
  • Monitor your usage of these tariff tools

Example screenshots are provided to help you follow along with your own Shopify store.

Start with the first four installation steps, which are for your entire firm and only need to be performed once. These are:

  1. Install the EdgeCTP app (Edge) into your existing Shopify store
  2. Sign-Up to EdgeCTP just to gain access to the Tariff Tools
  3. Connect your Shopify store to the EdgeCTP application
  4. Switch on Tariff Tools services (which enables them in Shopify)

After these four steps, you can simply start using the Tariff Tools within your Shopify store.  You may want to try out steps 5 to 7 (below) to learn how to use the most ‘common’ (simple) scenarios:

  1. How to use Product Pre-Classification (PPC) – to help classify your products to the Harmonised System (HS) code 6-digits and full tariff code 10-digits, specific to the country you send your products
  2. How a buyer uses Est. Duties + Taxes (EDT) during checking out – so your buyer can opt to pay for international duties + taxes at the point of buying your goods
  3. How to perform Restricted Party Screening (RPS) – so you can screen your buyer as being someone you can send goods/trade with BEFORE consigning the shipment

Finally, the last two steps (8 and 9) show you how to monitor your usage of the Tariff Tools services from within the:

  1. Shopify store admin
  2. EdgeCTP application’s settings

If you’d prefer a step-by-step video to watch instead then check out the

1. Install the EdgeCTP app (Edge) into your existing Shopify store

Before beginning to use the Tariff Tools within Shopify, you will need to install EdgeCTP (Edge) in your Shopify store.  This section shows you how to do that.

  1. Login to your Shopify admin store
  2. To install the EdgeCTP app, from the left menu choose Apps > Customize your store.  In the example below the store has NO apps currently installedcstomize-shopify-store
  3. You will be taken to the Shopify App Store (in a new browser tab) to select an app to install into your Shopify store. Type edgectp and click the search icon (or press enter on your keyboard)
  4. From the search results choose the EdgeCTP app by clicking on its name
  5. On the EdgeCTP app landing page (you can browse the various features + benefits that EdgeCTP provides) simply click the Add app button to begin installing the EdgeCTP application into your store
  6. Back in your Shopify store admin, you’ll be asked to confirm you wish to install the EdgeCTP application into your store. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Install app button
  7. Wait a few moments for the EdgeCTP to be installed into you Shopify store.  Once installed the embedded EdgeCTP screen appears, which invites new and existing EdgeCTP account holders to sign-up and/or connect their Shopify store with their EdgeCTP account.
    If you DON’T have an EdgeCTP account, then follow the steps in the next section “2. Sign-Up to EdgeCTP (just to gain access to the Tariff Tools)”; if you DO already have an EdgeCTP account, then skip down to the section “3. Connect EdgeCTP to your Shopify store

2. Sign-Up to EdgeCTP (just to gain access to the Tariff Tools)

This section assumes that you’ve just installed the EdgeCTP app into your Shopify store (previous section), however, you do NOT have an EdgeCTP account.  You need an EdgeCTP account to enable the Tariff Tools functionality (i.e., PPC, EDT and RPS) within your Shopify store.  Follow the steps in this section to create an EdgeCTP account.

  1. From your Shopify admin, left menu > Apps > EdgeCTP app’s new/existing screen, click the SIGN-UP button
  2. EdgeCTP’s sign-up page appears in a new browser tab.  Type in Your work email address; click I’m not a robot (complete any tests that come up) and click the SIGN ME UP button
  3. Wait for the confirmation that your registration email has been sent
  4. Check your emails for the ‘EdgeCTP – Please Activate Your Account’ email.  Look in your junk/spam folders if you cannot see the email in your inbox.
  5. Open the email and click the ‘ACTIVATE MY EDGECTP ACCOUNT’ link in the email to confirm your email address to EdgeCTP
  6. An EdgeCTP browser tab will appear and fill-in your Business Name, First Name and Last Name, and then click the Create Account buttonedgectp-signedup-token-page
  7. Once the account is created, EdgeCTP will ask you to get started.  Click the Go To My Account button, which opens the EdgeCTP login screen in a new browser tab