EdgeCTP is where a business performs all their day-to-day trading activities, such as client contacting, product making, buying, selling, deliveries, documents + certificates generation, etc. Xero is where business records (accounts for) all their financial transactions and positions + balances, including connecting with bank accounts and associated payments + receipt.

EdgeCTP considers Xero as the reconcilable “books & records, golden source”. Therefore, EdgeCTP only:

  • Pulls in ‘static data‘ from Xero to support trading activities.  EdgeCTP does NOT bring in the account or bank balances because these values are NOT required for trading.
  • Updates Xero with financial ‘transaction data‘, required to maintain “books and records” quality for accounting purposes, and where necessary, ‘static data‘ (changed or added as a result of trading) is synchronized between Xero and EdgeCTP.

The diagram below summaries the data flow categories that pass between Xero and EdgeCTP when the two systems are connected:

Data Flow Diagram of EdgeCTP + Xero Interface

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