EdgeCTP is the hub for a business’s day-to-day trading activities, managing client interactions, product creation, buying, selling, deliveries, and generating documents and certificates. Meanwhile, Xero serves as the central platform for recording all financial transactions, positions, and balances, including bank account connections and payment receipts. Explore the seamless data flows between EdgeCTP and Xero for a comprehensive business solution.

Data Flows Between Xero and EdgeCTP

EdgeCTP considers Xero as the reconcilable “books & records, golden source”. Therefore, EdgeCTP only:
  • Pulls in ‘static data‘ from Xero to support trading activities.  EdgeCTP does NOT bring in the account or bank balances because these values are NOT required for trading.
  • Updates Xero with financial ‘transaction data‘, required to maintain “books and records” quality for accounting purposes, and where necessary, ‘static data‘ (changed or added as a result of trading) is synchronized between Xero and EdgeCTP.

The diagram below summaries the data flow categories that pass between Xero and EdgeCTP when the two systems are connected:

Data flows between EdgeCTP and Xero

Data Flows Diagram of EdgeCTP + Xero Interface

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