Uninstall EdgeCTP from within Shopify

2023-05-29T08:15:40+00:00Shopify, Training|

If you wish to uninstall EdgeCTP from Shopify, for whatever reason do the following steps. Login to your Shopify store admin, and click the Apps (left) menu choice. In the Apps screen, you’ll see EdgeCTP as an Installed app. Click Delete [...]

Disconnect Shopify and EdgeCTP (from within EdgeCTP)

2023-05-29T08:19:23+00:00Shopify, Training|

If you wish to disconnect Shopify from EdgeCTP, for whatever reason do the following steps. Login to EdgeCTP and from the Home dashboard choose Settings > eCommerce > ShopifyNotice in this example Shopify is currently connected. Click Disconnect and when the Disconnect from Shopify [...]

Shopify: Learn How to use Shopify with EdgeCTP

2021-09-28T15:47:02+00:00Shopify, Training|

Learn how to: Connect Shopify to EdgeCTP (from within Shopify) Connect EdgeCTP to Shopify (from within EdgeCTP) Manage your Products, Customers, and Orders (data flows) between Shopify and EdgeCTP List your EdgeCTP Products onto your Shopify store Receive an Order [...]