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Manufacturer, Business Advisor and multi-award winning Inventor of Residence at the British Library. Passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses to make, buy, sell and ship physical goods, both nationally and internationally.

How to connect FreeAgent with EdgeCTP

2023-09-19T14:40:51+00:00Training, Freeagent|

Overview: Users of EdgeCTP can connect to the online cloud-based FreeAgent accounting package to seamlessly pass details on: Contacts (i.e. client details of firms that you may trade with) Stock or Product lines (i.e. items or articles that are sold [...]

What is a CN22 Customs Declaration Form?

2023-12-20T06:40:16+00:00Blog, Documents|

What is a CN22 Form? A Customs Declaration, CN22 Form, is a customs document declaring the contents of your consignment to customs authorities. It states the nature of the goods, including a detailed description; their value; country of origin, [...]

What is a Commercial Invoice and When is it used?

2023-12-07T07:05:55+00:00Blog, Training|

A Commercial Invoice (CI) is a primary document used during international trading activities. It is sometimes called an 'Export Invoice' and includes information about the contents of the package/consignment being sent. The CI is, therefore, the foundation for all other [...]

How to use DHL within EdgeCTP


In this blog, you’ll learn how to use EdgeCTP to send your consignment with DHL. Setting Up DHL within EdgeCTP If you have not already done so, enter your DHL account details into EdgeCTP Settings.  Remember, you only need to [...]