SHIP: From Client Order To Despatched Goods

For small businesses who make, buy, sell and ship physical goods, nationally + internationally.

Why Do You Need A B2B Order Shipping System?

In a nutshell: walking-the-talk. When you’re done talking through the deal with your client and all the paper-work’s done, you need to deliver the goods, quickly + smoothly. That’s why you need a B2B Order Shipping solution like EdgeCTP.

Man walking towards cargo shipment
Container of Cargo Consignment

With the real-time connections to the top global logistics firms, such as FedEx®, TNT, etc. you’ll have a Shipping Workflow to guide you through the necessary steps to quickly: enter the from-to locations; specify consignment configuration; delivery timings; get logistic comparison quotes; select + pack + label the consignment for delivery; arrange collection; specify dangerous goods + special handling; live track end-to-end, and organise returns (if necessary). All within EdgeCTP.

Shipment Label
Shipping Dispatch Label

Combined: Shipping + CRM + Stock + Trading Docs

We believe that shipping ISN’T just the tagged on process at the end of a Sales-Cycle. That’s why we combined shipping with our powerful CRM, Stock-Control and Trading Documents solutions to allow you to quickly + accurately consign goods from the get-go.

Man moving cargo trolly

EdgeCTP lets you: select the client; their delivery location; identify their product(s) needs; select the best logistics carrier; generate any necessary trading documents (e.g. invoices + packing lists etc.); pack + label the goods and consign them securely to the client.

Welcome to the first power-step of the Combined Trading Platform (CTP) experience.