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What Data Flows Between Xero and EdgeCTP ?

2021-11-29T10:28:15+00:00Connections, Xero|

EdgeCTP is where a business performs all their day-to-day trading activities, such as client contacting, product making, buying, selling, deliveries, documents + certificates generation, etc. Xero is where business records (accounts for) all their financial transactions and positions + balances, [...]

Announcing Xero integration for Edgedocs

2020-09-07T12:57:22+00:00Connections, Xero|

Xero integration At Edgedocs we aim to make your sales process as simple as possible. That's why we decided Xero integration for Edgedocs, an award-winning cloud-based accounting system. With Xero, you can manage all of your accounting needs from a [...]